What is slow living? And how to start living more slowly

une personne qui explore le concept de slow living

Living slower to live better: that’s the essence of slow living.
We can see it’s more than just a lifestyle, it’s a mindset that allows you to reconnect with yourself, others and nature. In this article, we invite you to explore the fundamental principles of slow living and how to integrate them into your routine to live a more intentional life.

A defintion of slow living

The expression “slow living” first appeared in the 1980s in Italy as a reaction to the fast food movement. Since then, this trend has grown and spread to many areas of life, such as food (slow food), fashion (slow fashion), travel (slow travel or slow tourism), work (slow work)

In our modern society that values speed and productivity at all costs, this trend invites us to slow down, to take our time and to savor each moment. Slow living is a lifestyle that consists in slowing down the tempo to better appreciate the simple things of everyday life and enjoy the present moment. It advocates a simpler life, more authentic and more respectful of the environment.

A core principle: being rather than doing

In Pauline Laigneau’s Podcast, Philippe Gabilliet, professor of social psychology and specialist in optimism, talks about the following fact: today “we are in the do or don’t be”.

Slow living is not about living in slow motion but about living at your own pace: it is a reminder of the importance of taking the time to live for yourself, to settle down and to listen to yourself. In a society where we are still often conditioned by our job title, our work or the notion of productivity, we can quickly fall into doing instead of being.

By focusing on being, we take the time to refocus on our values and priorities. This approach reduces stress and anxiety, improves quality of life and promotes an overall sense of well-being. And it changes everything.

So where can you start?

There is no list to follow to the letter to experiment with slow living. Everyone is free to develop their own curiosity according to their desires and lifestyle. Here are some ideas to start adopting it in your daily life:

  • Take the time to savor each meal by leaving your phone aside. The idea is to be really present with the people seating next to you.
  • Disconnect from screens and social networks for a few hours each day and find moments of boredom that encourage creativity and dreams. Take this opportunity to reconnect with other hobbies: reading, writing, painting…
  • Practice meditation or yoga to refocus and relax.
  • Spend more time in nature, go for hikes or walks in the forest to recharge your batteries, especially when you live in the city.
  • Encourage authentic exchanges with others, by taking the time to discuss and listen.
  • Plan workations (i.e. trips that combine work and relaxation), to get out of the daily routine while being productive.

Of course, these ideas are just a starting point and there are many other ways to live more slowly on a daily basis. The important thing is to find what works for you and take the time to savor every moment of life.

What do you think about slow living?
Are you already adopting it in your daily life?

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