About Posetavalise Who are we?

After a Master’s degree in Communication and Content Strategy, Angélina began her professional life in the tourism industry where her mission was to improve the brand awareness of a Nantes-based 4-star hotel. In parallel to her studies, she founded Posetavalise in 2015 with the desire to share her travels. In 2017, the blog became a webzine around mother-daughter travels when Virginie, her mother, joined her.

Over the years, Angélina became convinced that she needed to go further. Posetavalise then became a media to explore the idea of “slow living“, a theme that would shape her vision of life. After discovering her intolerance to gluten and lactose in 2022, she rethought her way of consuming and traveling. Less but better. To return to more simplicity.

Angélina et Virginie Herbert, fondatrice et rédactrice de Posetavalise


Like a book where each chapter advances the plot, Posetavalise is a colorful media promoting slower lifestyles.

Posetavalise is also the concept of discovering oneself and other ways of life, at home, in France, in Europe or in the world. It’s about putting down your suitcase to discover other values, learning to be enriched by contact with others, their experience or their know-how. Seeing things with new eyes. Recognizing yourself in your peers because you share the same values and the same interests, those that shape you.

Our goal is for everyone to discover, explore and create a more intentional life for themselves.
It is translated into several missions:

  • Promote more local tourism and slower ways of traveling
  • Share the latest trends in tourism and work area
  • Spend time with family and experience multi-generational or mother-daughter trips
  • Presenting places that have a story, something to tell us and teach us
  • To keep the craftsmanship and culture alive and to pass them on
  • Open communication on food intolerances and their impact on daily life and travel
  • To democratize gluten-free and lactose-free consumption
  • To promote slow living initiatives


Our minimalist black and white illustrations are an ode to travel and escape. We take pleasure in drawing destinations that we have visited, and those that make us dream. Whether you want to add a touch of travel to your home decor, or to remember a couple’s getaway or a family trip. They are there for you.

In our articles, we value slow living, slow travel and slow food.
We highlight local tourism, know-how and inspiring approaches
through new contents published every week.

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