Posetavalise, the webzine that takes you on a trip. Trendy destinations, good addresses and unusual experiences, in France and not only.

We develop a strong link with the destinations we discover. And it’s a very strong feeling to feel like a local, to feel at home in some places — more than others. To recognize yourself in your peers because we share the same values and the same history, the one that defines the identity of our territory and shapes us in some ways.

There’s a phrase that says, “wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”. That every journey leaves its mark on you and that each journey also allows us to discover a little more who you are.

I then think back to Santander where I lived for a few months, to Capri in front of the beauty of the Faraglioni, to Santorini while hiking in front of the Caldera in the early morning, to Berlin, this city that I loved to visit, in Provence which inspired me so much, at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in front of these notebooks, in New York in front of the grandeur of Manhattan. Yes, all these cities and all these places fascinated me and shaped me in a way. And then of course the Vendée, where I grew up, and in Nantes.

Feel like a local

Tourism and culture have long been opposed. Today we could almost celebrate their marriage. We soak it up by going out and exploring. By taking the time to meet the locals, understand their history. Try local dishes, participate in cultural events. Satisfy your curiosity, be open-minded. These are the first steps towards discovery and feeling like you belong somewhere.

To help you discover places steeped in history

That’s why we decided to found Posetavalise in 2015. To take you to all these places that have marked us, that have a story and something to tell. And this story begins in the Vendée. Have a good time reading!

— Angélina et Virginie
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