How to write for Posetavalise?

Sleeping in a former courthouse, brewing your own beer, discovering destinations off the beaten track…
Posetavalise tells experiences, local addresses, stories and authentic travel anecdotes.

We are committed to sharing stories that invite you to travel and get out of your comfort zone. Without having to escape 1,000 kilometers from home.
Local tourism is a subject that we must highlight. Firstly to respond to a basic trend shared by more and more travellers, but also because we know that we all have great discoveries to make around our homes.

Noirmoutier, Barfleur, Carnac, Fécamp, Eze, Olmeto, Loudenvielle, Biarritz, Sofia or elsewhere, we are convinced that each city has potential that deserves to be discovered!

We ask our contributors to know perfectly the destinations they present to live there or to have lived there. To be able to capture the meaning of a place and inspire, while providing useful and practical travel advice.

Who can become an ambassador for Posetavalise?

Anyone can write for Posetavalise. You can send us your article in PDF via WeTransfer by email to You can also share a Google Doc link with us.
This will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified once it is published.

What must the article looks like in order to be published?

The article must highlight a destination, an address or an activity. Here are some examples: 24 hours in…, What to see and do in…
It must contain at least 500 words and be unique.
You can sign your article with your name, first name and a link to your social networks or your site.

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